Open Spaces Consulting (P) Limited is a boutique HR Consulting firm offering customized HR solutions to client organizations. There are services offered in almost all domains of Human Resources Management. The approach is progressive and classical at the same time, with deliverables achieved and positive results visible. Our client systems have sought fit to grow our contribution over time and have valued the qualitative outcomes produced in the management of Human Resources and organization culture.

Mission & Beliefs

Our mission is to enable companies achieve a higher degree of excellence through building of visionary and strategic perspectives of top management teams, and providing of effective operational solutions to client systems.

  • There are a set of simple fundamental statements which underlie all the work we do. We believe that:
  • A wholistic approach is better than a partial one.
  • Alignment of people to visionary, strategic and operational excellence holds the key to success and sustainability.
  • Evolution is better than revolution.
  • Strategic excellence is built on operational excellence
  • Simple solutions , implemented well are better than complex ones
  • Success is also measured by obstacles overcome and problems solved.
  • The success of a process lies in its practice.